Occlutech Uniform Occluder

Designed for excellence and safety

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The Flex II UNI Occluder is specifically designed for closing multi-fenestrated atrial septal defects. Available in four versions with equally sized discs from 17 mm to 40 mm, it provides a wide range of choices

  • Optimized braiding pattern and less material at left atrial disc.
  • Spunbonded Polyester patch allows for fast endothelialization.
  • Titanium oxide covered Nitinol shows the best values of biocompatibility.1
  • The unique ball-connection safely locks the occluder, while allowing it to freely follow the anatomy without a distorting pull. Once in place it is easy and fast to deliver.

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The Flex II UNI Occluder represents an alternative to a surgical approach to close complex cases of multi-fenestrated ASDs

  • The Flex II UNI Occluder is an optimal choice to close multi-fenestrated ASDs which usually require multiple devices.

Perfect alignment of the Occlutech Flex II UNI Occluder to the septum.

Flex II UNI Occlduer under fluoroscopy.

Individual product availability subject to local regulatory clearance, may not be available in all territories.