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Occlutech’s current and future products are based on a strong technology and patent foundation…

Occlutech has developed into one of the world’s leading companies in structural heart disease…

Occlutech is conducting clinical investigations or studies to investigate the safety and efficacy…

A track record of innovation, performance and safety

Since developing the first unique Occlutech occluder in 2003, over 50,000 ASD and PFO occluders have been delivered to over 80 countries around the world. Occlutech’s track record regarding performance and safety is excellent while we are still dedicated to innovating and constantly improving our products.

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Pistol Pusher*

* Availability subjected to regulatory approval in certain countries.

Steerable Guiding Sheath
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Flex-II Pusher

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The development of minimally invasive septal occluders.

In the mid-seventies, Dr. Terry D. King and Dr. Noel I. Mills applied for a patent to protect their remarkable invention that allowed physicians to treat septum defects such as ASD or PFO without using open-heart surgery for the first time.

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The single-company R&D project 2016 FE 0105 under the funding program “Directive of the Free State of Thuringia to support Research, Technology and Innovation“ (FTI Directive) is funded by the Free State of Thuringia and co-financed with funds of the European Union in the framework of the European Funds for Regional Development (EFRE).