A track record of innovation, performance and safety

A track record of innovation, performance and safety.

Since developing the first unique Occlutech occluder in 2003, over 50,000 ASD and PFO occluders have been delivered to over 80 countries around the world. Occlutech’s track record regarding performance and safety is excellent while we are still dedicated to innovating and constantly improving our products.

Perfecting Performance

About Occlutech

Founded in Germany in 2003, Occlutech has developed into one of the world's leading companies in structural heart disease over the past decade, developing and supplying ASD, PFO, LAA, PLD and PDA occluders, accessories and a range of innovative special cardiac implant products to more than 80 countries around the world. With over 50.000 implants performed Occlutech is active through its own sales force in Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Scandinavia and through a strong network of distribution partners in the rest of the world.

Occlutech has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Sweden and Turkey. This allows for fast growth, a flexible, high-paced R&D effort and an efficient lean manufacturing operation, ensuring that products remain affordable while allowing new investment in the company's development pipeline.


Occlutech’s current and future products are based on a strong technology and patent foundation. The unique, patented braiding technology allows Occlutech to create products that are remarkably different, adding significant value to cardiac implants and occlusion products. The unique flexible braiding allows Occlutech to create products that can be implanted in a high rate of patients, avoiding surgery, while minimizing potentially fatal complications from e.g. erosion. With around 40,000 implants, Occlutech has a product performance track record second to none.

Another aspect of Occlutech’s technology platform is the outstanding competence in the area of coating and covering of implant products using nanotechnologies. The unique, patented technology in this area allows Occlutech to be at the forefront of creating new products for a rapidly developing medical requirement. 


Occlutech is driven by a dedication to innovation. This dedication to innovation is vital for Occlutech to have the right focus on providing our customers with new, innovative products, helping them to save and improve patient’s lives. Occlutech’s customers are the most important source of inspiration for innovation and their input and feedback is taken very seriously.


Maintaining the highest quality standards is key to Occlutech and its development forward as a leading company in its field. Occlutech takes an uncompromising view of quality and always puts the safety of the patient first.


Occlutech strives to be a global company, developing products that are relevant for the world market. Market demand is global and new products have the same relevance and potential of improving care in all countries. Occlutech is therefore deliberately building up innovation and manufacturing capabilities in order to service a global market.

Governance and Ownership

Occlutech is a private company owned by its founders, key advisers and by many of its distribution partners. Unlike some of its competitors, the company is not driven by short-term financial speculation and financial returns. The owners of Occlutech have built a company that creates value by doing the right things for its customers and patients as their prime objective.